• Our clients are professionals

    We work with a variety of professionals on a range of people search activities.
  • Are you a fiduciary searching for someone?

    HeirLink is your search solutions provider.
  • Providing Professional Search Services

    HeirLink, Inc. works for you to deliver excellence in search execution and the highest level of client service.

    We know how frustrating it can be as an attorney, executor, personal representative or trustee to be forced to constantly follow up with heir search firms for status updates. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complete search results as quickly as possible.  HeirLink guarantees regular communication with our clients throughout the search process and even in the rare case of unavoidable delays, we are resolved to keep our clients updated and current.

    Services Offered:

    Our experienced search team will locate and provide legal documentation and supporting evidence to identify people(s) of subject per the following search nature:

    • Missing Heir Search
    • Missing Beneficiary Search
    • Missing Legatee Search
    • Due Diligence People Search